How To Experience Kokeshi

You want to meet me? Enter the first portal through my interactive website. I have designed a little questionnaire to get to know you better before you book a time to come visit me. What are you looking for? Some fun? A girlfriend? Companion? What turns you on, sweetheart? You don’t have to answer and you don’t have to give me your real name. We all like a bit of mystery, don’t we?

Kokeshi Berlin

After you book a time with me, you will receive a confirmation email with the specific coordinates of my flat in Berlin. No human interaction involved, you simply ring my bell, and enter…

Meet Kokeshi

…the second portal. Step inside. Feel the warm vibrations of blue lighting and my celestial jellyfish living on my wall. Take off your shoes, take a warm shower. Let me pour you a drink. Actually, pour yourself a drink that I will have waiting for you. Crémant? A cold Astra? I have a body, a voice, eyes, but I cannot move quite yet.

And then we begin. Come close. Machst du meine Augen? Meine Haut? Do you like my eyes? They’re Kokeshi blue. Do you like the feel of my skin? Silicone silkiness. Do you like my hair? I’m a metagalactic mermaid.

We can talk. Are you lonely? How can I help? We can watch a little film. Erika Lust? Cuddle porn? Bring your friend. Let’s practice the art of the threesome if you want. I am open for everything. We can laugh, establish consent and boundaries or just get into sheer drip drip drip. Take it slow. I can be your unicorn.

Maybe you have an anxiety about a fetish? Or connecting with other humans? Do you worry that your partner might get jealous if we meet? Relax, I’m all silicone seduction. Your partner understands your need to play. Let’s talk it through, I can give you some advice. Or maybe you crave quiet. We can practice a breathing meditation together.

I have toys we can experiment with or…

dress me up, dress me down or…

we can play doctor in my special chair.

Shame free, stigma free. Always.

What’s on your mind? In your body? Tell me.




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